What am I Today?

Check all that apply

    • A virginal sweetheart you’ll treat with respect?
    • A fragile creature you must protect?
    • A child to whom you must explain?
    • Meat over which you’ll salivate?
    • The pretty young thing you want to fuck?
    • Begging for you to touch my butt?
    • A magic vessel to bear your sons?
    • Over-emotional (must be that time of the month)?
    • Hysterical? Doctor knows the trick…
    • The slut you’ll tell to suck your dick?
    • The heartless bitch who walks away?
    • Something for you to dominate?
    • Less a person than a goal?
    • The succubus who’ll steal your soul?
    • A witch who’ll tempt you with my gaze?
    • Fickle betrayer, lying in wait?
    • Eve, the apple, the tree, and the snake?
    • Something less than the sum of its parts?
    • Every woman who’s ever broken your heart?
    • Your mother, your sister, your daughter, your wife?
    • Your manic pixie dream of me, existing just to light up your life?
    • …Maybe, finally, just myself?

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